A new way to get news

For years media has faced changes in readership, pay models, advertising and more. Newsrooms throughout B.C. and across Canada have faced layoffs as publishers try to figure out what journalism looks like in the 21st century.

This month was no exception as Facebook announced it will be placing less emphasis on publishing news on the popular site.

We’ve been lucky at SPIN, as an independently owned paper we have the flexibility to adapt the best we can. But we still face many of the same challenges industry heavyweights are currently tackling.

We take feedback from the community seriously and work hard to provide timely, important and interesting news about the area.

One comment we often receive is the desire for more news and more frequently. Increasing publishing in print is a big task, but online we can move faster.

That’s why on Jan. 8 we launched our first weekly online newsletter which consists of several newsworthy and relevant stories sent straight to your email inbox.

It’s a good experiment and challenge, ensuring we only send the most recent stories, seeing if there is enough going on for us to cover weekly (so far— definitely yes), and adjusting our schedules to accommodate it.

We expect some changes as we work out the kinks of a new creation but we think there are big things in store.

To sign up for the newsletter visit sunpeaksnews.com/weekly. Have other feedback for us? Reach us at editor@sunpeaksnews.com or stop by our office in the Kookaburra Lodge.