No report of missing skier in Sun Peaks but KSAR believe someone is out there, lost

As of 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 15, Kamloops Search and Rescue (KSAR) report that no one has actually called in a missing skier, but there are tracks leading away from Sun Peaks Resort that have them believing someone is out there.

“Whoever the person was they were definitely way off track and was about to get themselves in trouble and so we’ve gotta treat that seriously. That person was alone and there’s no evidence that skier came back out at all, anywhere,” says Alan Hobler, volunteer search manager for KSAR.

KSAR are treating the situation as they would if there had been a report. They have multiple teams of snowmobilers and snowshoers out looking for the potentially lost skier.

“It’s probably a wild goose chase but we’re still going to treat it seriously and hopefully, if there is somebody out there,  we locate them,” says Hobler.

KSAR plan on continuing the search with hopes of finding the skier or evidence that they made it out safely. It is currently undetermined how much longer they will continue but at least for a couple more hours, at which point, they will reevaluate.




  1. Alan Hobler, search manager for KSAR, confirmed the search was a “wild goose chase.” Search and Rescue was able to locate the tracks going out of bounds, where they were seen to turn around and head back onto the road. The individual was able to “self-rescue.”

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