Notes from the municipal office

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality’s (SPMRM) Development Procedures Bylaw 0035 has been read three times and approved by the municipal council. This will mean a more organized system will be implemented that outlines fees and applications processes for planning and developing land use in Sun Peaks. The document was redrafted to an updated version of the TNRD’s document which is dated back to the 1990s.

The Official Community Plan has also been passed by council, and has been sent to the ministry for review and approval. Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer of SPMRM, believes the document should be back and into effect well before its due date of the end of October.

Along with annual road maintenance including crack filling, Bremner reports that street signs have been placed at intersections of the Valley Trail to provide guests with guidance throughout the community, and new lines have been painted on the tennis courts for those who would like to dabble in Pickleball.

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