Official Community Plan adopted

Province finalizes two year process

Aerial view village winter (5)

The municipality’s Official Community Plan was adopted by the province following a nearly two year process.

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) formalized the document in 2014 and it was then sent to the B.C. Government, who approved it on March 21.

“We’ve been utilizing it as our guideline anyway, but it’s just a guideline for how you move forward as a community from a development standpoint, from an environmental standpoint, all those things. It presents some guidelines after all the consultation that went on of how the community wants to see Sun Peaks grow and develop,” said chief administrative officer Rob Bremner.

The Official Community Plan is a requirement of being a municipality. Bremner stated an election, and due diligence on behalf of the province to check that SPMRM consulted with the Sun Peaks community, First Nation communities and the Thompson Nicola Regional District, as reasons the process took nearly two years.

“I think it’s a good, very simple and usable document,” Bremner said. “Sometimes they get a little convoluted, but I think ours is a very usable document and I think it was well done.”

The plan outlines guidelines for community issues such as transportation, housing, safety, residential and commercial development, and parks and recreation. Although it was a lengthy process, following a record year in Sun Peaks Bremner said it’s a perfect time to adopt the plan.

“We haven’t really had a lot of development at this point and time, but it’s in place right as things are really starting to move forward, starting to get a little better, and the economy is starting to move forward. It’s in place at the right time,” Bremner said.