On a CrashCourse to success

DJ CrashcourseAlthough he’s no longer residing in Sun Peaks, Tim Lange still calls it home, and says the community is always in his heart.

Perhaps better known these days by his DJ moniker, CrashCourse, Lange left Sun Peaks last year to focus on his blossoming musical career.

“It was an important choice for me. Every artist gets to a fork in the road where it becomes a choice of — do I choose a stable income and a paycheque every two weeks, where I can’t devote all my time to what I love? Or do I just go for it, take the chance, and work hard to achieve success?” Lange asked of himself.

“Needless to say, I’m a risk taker. Always have been.”

And those risks are paying off for Lange, who’s watched his musical career skyrocket in the past 12 months, gaining a larger following, taking on side projects, and spending countless hours in the studio and on the road.

“In the last year, I’ve probably produced more music than a lot of artists put out in their entire career,” Lange says.

“I dedicated almost 70 per cent of the last year in front of my computer working on tons of content.”

Lange spent September 2013 through to March this year almost entirely in his Kamloops home studio, preparing material for the summer festival circuit, before he and fellow DJ Mitch Mckinnon (aka Apatchi Sound) relocated to Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley.

“We were living in our production team’s warehouse, where we worked on our music basically day and night. It was also a venue in which we were putting on big electronic shows, which was a great experience.”

Working so closely together, it was no surprise when Lange and Mckinnon eventually teamed up for a side project, Hertz Donut, which quickly gained its own success.

“Hertz Donut has definitely become a big focus now. We had a very successful festival season where we played a ton of great events. The 10th annual Fozzyfest in Calgary was one of the highlights, and we’re definitely seeing the potential this project has,” Lange says.

“Things for my solo work haven’t slowed down though. I’ve been constantly working on new independent releases which I’ve been giving out as free downloads.”

Lange says the past 12 months have given himself, and his music, an opportunity to grow.

“I wouldn’t say my music or sound has necessarily changed. I think the best word would be matured. In the last year I’ve learned a ton about sound design, production and music in general.

“Every day I sit on my computer to write is a new canvas for learning. It’s important to remember that you can never know everything, but you can always learn something.”

Lange is now looking forward to something of a homecoming, teaming with long-time collaborator and friend Dom Koric to reform Perve ‘Stache at Bottoms Bar and Grill as part of the A.D.H.D. party on Tuesday, November 4.

“I’m looking forward to playing there again, mostly for the fact that it’s where I found my love for music and where I got my first opportunities as a DJ to let myself out of my shell make something of myself.”

Lange said his past 12 months wouldn’t have been as successful without the support of D-Blok Studios, The Drop Radio, Hype Bot, Electronic Records, his parents, girlfriend, and “everybody supporting my music, or music in general.”

You can check out Lange’s music as Crashcourse here and as Hertz Donut here.