Online scammers target Sun Peaks

Online ScammerKamloops RCMP are reminding local residents to use common sense and be cautious when posting personal information online, after a Sun Peaks resident was targeted by a suspected online scammer.

Towards the end of March, a Sun Peaks resident was contacted through Facebook by a stranger from Winnipeg, who attempted to add him as a friend and continued to ask for details about his birthday.

Personal details like these could be used by a scammer attempting to access personal information, including email or bank accounts.

The Sun Peaks resident contacted police who’ve created a Suspicious Person file of the alleged scammer.

Senior Sergeant Doug Aird of Tk’emlups Rural RCMP said residents should be wary of posting any personal information online.

“A good test is to ask if information on your Facebook or your business web page was printed on the front page of the newspaper, would it allow thieves to target you? If so, don’t put it online,” Aird said.

Personal information beneficial to thieves could include your date of birth, address, phone numbers, the names of family members, and even when you may be away on holiday.

“Through the Internet and often using stolen mail, which the victims may not be aware of, scammers can open credit card accounts or telephone accounts, running into thousands of dollars (of debt) before they’re detected. Some have also managed to gain banking information,” Aird said.