Opening Weekend in Photos

13. Hikers and bikers relax on the way to the top.








12. High speeds reflected the excitement for the weekend.

11. Putting on a show under the Sunburst Chairlift.



10. Bike Patrollers got in on the fun.




9. Catching flight- riders were excited for the revamped trails.







8. More than 300 people attended the Lift and a Lager event.


7. Bikers flying down the trails on June 23.

6. The first chair of the season heads up the mountain.

5. Hikers waiting to get the first chair of the season.

4. Ready to rip up the trails.

3. Lots of kids from the local schools were out to hit the trails on the first day.

2. The chairlift started turning for the season on Friday June 22.