Over and out – Adam Earle signs off from SPIN

Adam EarleTime flies when you’re having fun – the proof is the past 13 years of owning and publishing Sun Peaks Independent News Inc. (SPIN), has been both a blast and a blur.

Back in December 2002, my wife Cathy and I nervously launched the first issue of SPIN, without knowing anything about newspapers or the media business. If it wasn’t for the sound advice of our very first customer, it might have been both the beginning and the end of our journey.

Months prior I had approached our friend David Knapp-Fisher, aka “Fish”, (then the general manager of Bottom’s Bar & Grill) about purchasing an advertisement in our new publication. He took one look at our new advertising kit. “Adam, I would love to buy an ad but not at these prices,” he said with a furled brow. I was horrified. Had I priced our ads too high from the get go? But he went on to say with a smile: “I’ll tell you what. Go back to your office and increase all your ad rates. Then I’ll happily buy ad space”.

Needless to say, SPIN’s imminent failure was narrowly avoided that day, thanks to Fish.

Skip forward 13 years and we’ve now published 178 consecutive issues and literally millions of pages of Sun Peaks’ news without missing a press deadline or a delivery date, all thanks to our very loyal and supportive advertisers, our avid readers and of course, the numerous and extremely talented writers, columnists, editors and staff who’ve worked under the SPIN roof.

As Cathy and I get ready for our move to Cairns, Australia this fall, it’s with great pride that I can look around Sun Peaks and marvel in what this place has become in my time here. Municipal self-governance, a school full of kids, a plethora of industry accolades and awards from around the globe, truly world-class skiing and, last but not least, a true feeling of a community that’s really come into its own. Hopefully SPIN has been a positive part of that growth during our tenure.

Another great source of personal pride is handing the SPIN reins over to Brandi and Jen Schier, as they now continue on the newspaper journey we started many years ago. This media-savvy sister duo has already hit the ground running with their new business venture and I look forward to seeing how their talent will change the face of SPIN in years to come.

As my ink runs dry and I move on, I would like to thank everyone I’ve met and worked with in Sun Peaks for all the support over the years. The passionate people that make up this great community should all be very proud of where Sun Peaks has come and it will be a pleasure to now call Sun Peaks my “other” home. Over and out — see you on the beach.





  1. Best of luck on your new adventures. I will always follow the Spin no matter who owns it or where I live.


    Brendon (your past golfing partner)

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