Pack it up

ski pack upSpring is in the air and for most it’s time to put that winter equipment away and dig out the summer gear. Before you fire your boards, boots and helmets in the closet you should do a couple things.

First, inspect your gear. With your skis and boards, you should look at the sidewalls, bases and bindings. Look for damage, cracks, separations or anything else that failed over the season of pounding. Take a screwdriver and back off the DINs on your ski bindings. This takes the tension off the spring so they don’t stay compressed all summer.

The next thing to do is make sure everything is really dry. You should lube up the bindings so they don’t rust and lock up over the summer. Next you should throw on a summer wax, but don’t scrape it off. This protects the bases from drying out and the edges from rusting. Use a warmer temperature wax so it’s easy to scrape in the fall. Strap up the skis and put them away in a dry storage area. Don’t hang the skis by the tips; rocker skis are all the rage these days but reverse rocker doesn’t work so well.

Boots next. Most people take them off and don’t think about them again until November. After the Top to Bottom’s is over and you’ve danced all night, maybe did a boot beer chug or two, it’s time to properly put them away. First, pull the liners out of your boots and yank out the foot beds (soles in the liners) and the boot boards (the plastic board at the bottom of the shell). Inspect the shells for cracks and dry everything really well. Look at all the buckles and make sure the bolts are tight. Put a drop of lube on the buckles. Look for slop in the hinges of the upper cuff and the lower shell. Check the toe pad on the bottom of the boot and top of the heel where the binding grabs. If any of this is worn, it’s probably time to look for a new pair. Once they’re dry, reassemble them and make sure you buckle all the buckles up. If you leave them undone all summer, the plastic will take on a different shape and be a total pain to do up. A little talcum powder can help with the smell too.

Make sure you wash the helmet liner, it can get gross after a season of use. Clean your goggles and helmet and bag them up.

Equipment these days isn’t cheap, so protect it by doing these simple things. Make sure you tighten your DINs back up and check the forward pressure in the fall. If you replace any piece of equipment, make sure it works with your old set-up.

If you’re unsure how to summer wax or back off the DINs, check with your favorite shop or check out Dani’s Ski Tuning on Burfield Dr. You can find her here on Facebook and she can hook you up.