Misguided flaw in the education system

No Zero

Within the education system there appears to be a policy that restricts a teacher’s ability to give their students a zero. Strange, is this how the real world works? After all, it makes sense that the world functions without consequences for poor performance, or, maybe not. Are we becoming a society that rewards indolence or mediocrity? The … [Read more...]

Nominate now for local government elections


Nominations are now open for the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) local government elections. Sun Peaks residents keen to have a say in the future of their community are encouraged to nominate, with the positions of Mayor and three councillors up for election. Mayor Al Raine said he hoped to see residents getting involved in the … [Read more...]

Teach your children well

On Strike

As someone that doesn’t have children, I’ve quietly sat on the sidelines and watched the B.C. Government and the BC Teachers federation (BCTF) have one dispute after another, leading to continued strike action, cancelled classes, no school sports or report cards and more. While I certainly don’t profess to understand all the issues at hand with the … [Read more...]