Greenpeace reports progress in Canada’s supermarket ratings


Do you know if your supermarket sells at-risk seafood species? Research has shown that overfishing coupled with the increasing demand for seafood is steadily depleting the world’s oceans. Destructive fishing and harvesting practices, such as bottom trawling, destroys corrals that took years to form and endangers marine life unnecessarily. Fish and … [Read more...]

Taking care of the basics


As people who love sports, we participate actively in life. Sometimes we are so focused on our game we find ourselves nervous, tense, tight and unable to get into the ‘flow zone’ where our game flows naturally. Wound up like a tight spring? Check your breath. Are your breaths short and fast? If so, I can make a bet with you that your thoughts … [Read more...]

Want to improve your pictures? Shift to manual


Making the transition from using your camera in automatic mode to manual mode is the best thing you can do to improve your images. These days, every digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) and almost every compact point-and-shoot camera will allow you to create photographs manually. Breaking free of your camera’s preset shooting modes will … [Read more...]