Workshop for aspiring filmmakers

Aspiring filmmaker

Established and aspiring filmmakers can learn how to pitch their ideas during the Knowledge Network’s two day Storyville Pitching Workshop, March 10and 11, 2012. The workshop will help writers identify good story ideas and how to pitch them successfully. To apply for the workshop submit a resume/bio and registration fee of $25 to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Film Commission by 4:30 p.m., Friday, March … [Read more...]

Economic reality is resource driven

Political Point of View

“The 20th Century belongs to Canada.” — Sir Wilfred Laurier. The hysterically negative reaction by environmental groups opposed to both the Keystone and the Northern Gateway pipelines is typical of their short-sighted ignorance of economic reality. Whether they like it or not, Canada remains a resource based economy. In an idyllically green world we wouldn’t need awful things like fossil fuels, but that era’s … [Read more...]

Man in Motion swim challenge

man in motion

The City of Kamloops is challenging swimmers to complete 1.6 million 25-metre pool lengths to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour. The goal is equal to the distance Hansen covered in his wheelchair-bound trek through 34 countries and four continents in 1986 to 1987. The tour raised $26 million for spinal cord research and quality of life initiatives. “We’ve set the bar high so … [Read more...]