Home Tour will return to Sun Peaks in 2012


A total of 235 people drove up to Sun Peaks to explore some of the most architecturally unique dwellings located in and around the resort during the Home Tour: Architectural Spaces. The Home Tour is a fundraising event for the Kamloops Art Gallery, and was held for the first time at Sun Peaks this year during the resort’s annual Wine and Culture … [Read more...]

Learn active relaxation

Active Relaxation

We work, we train and, accordingly, we have to replenish our energy. My clients and I can all relate to working religiously towards our goals and feeling delighted when we do well. Often though, we can expend so much energy that we unexpectedly find ourselves not sleeping well at night, feeling drowsy in the mornings and maybe even eating extra … [Read more...]

The language of love


We have all heard reference made to “that tone of voice!” or “that choice of words!” We have all, I’m sure, been on the receiving end of a stern tone of voice carrying what seems like a harsh directive or criticism. Truth be told we have probably all, at one time or another been on the giving end of such communication. What can we make of these … [Read more...]