Local Kids ski program begins Jan. 8

Sun Tot

Once again, children local to Sun Peaks, Kamloops and the surrounding region have an opportunity to learn to ski in a 10 week course with the Sun Peaks Sports School’s “Local Kids” program. Now in its 11th year, the Local Kids program was built out of the demand for an affordable ski school for children in the community. “It’s a great program for the local community,” says Vincent Lafontaine Sun Peaks Resort’s … [Read more...]

Waste not want not: recycle your Christmas tree

xmas tree_recycle

by Kate Longmoore Since my life began as a seedling years ago, I have existed for one primary purpose – to spread joy and holiday cheer during the Christmas season. Being the center of attention comes and goes as the decorations go up and come down, but are you aware of just how brief my life cycle is? It all starts with my production in a nursery. When I’m old enough, I’m cut down, fastened to a vehicle and … [Read more...]

The political perspective on “deserving” and “getting”


“Maintiens le Droit.” RCMP motto roughly translated as: Uphold the Law. Canada’s unique in that it’s a country where the national police force is a symbol of pride and supposed professionalism. Cop cadets around the world thrive on often true tales of lone Mounties on dogsleds, always getting their man. The Musical Ride spectacle and Stetson hat represent justice and fair treatment, or used to. This bucolic … [Read more...]