Sustainability calls for a system approach

In recent years, the issue of global pollution has become more of a concern than ever. The associated problems can be solved only with a system approach on all levels. Every system is always part of a bigger system and, in turn, consists of a number of smaller systems. For example, our solar system is part of the galaxy, and consists of the sun … [Read more...]

Experience African culture at Music in the Park

Maobong Oku of West African drum and dance ensemble Kokoma will be bringing her traditional sound to Kamloops July 15 during Music in the Park. Photo contributed by Kokoma.

Kamloops is getting a taste, or rather a listen or experience, of West Africa July 15 as Kokoma takes the stage. Kokoma is a collective from Vancouver, B.C. celebrating the rhythm and dance of Africa. Their sound is tribal, moving and very fun—they’ll have you grooving to the rhythm and dancing to the beat. If your toes aren’t at least tapping … [Read more...]

The smell of money

Like any other tourist town in beautiful British Columbia, Sun Peaks depends on local, regional and international tourist traffic and the dollars spent by those visitors to keep the wheels greased and the local economy flowing smoothly. After several years of economic uncertainty, things finally appear to be turning around in our favour. While an … [Read more...]