New website teaches kids online gaming safety


A recent survey by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada suggests that many parents aren’t aware their kids play games online. Without knowing what information is safe to share in cyberspace, children could be exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. “The Internet presents a number of risks to children, so it’s extremely … [Read more...]

You’d be a fool not to love them


If you happened on their show Nov. 11 at Pogue Mahone’s in Kamloops you’ll know that indie rock band The Reason, well, rocks. I’ve seen them live at 2008’s Virgin Music Festival in Vancouver with one of the band member’s younger sisters, and it’s apparent they’ve come a long way. Starting out as an emo-screamo band in Hamilton, Ont. The … [Read more...]

Holiday heaches? Reel remedies!


A little break is just what we all need come the holiday season. Be it a chance to sit down and relax after running around in preparation for a holiday dinner, or the opportunity to mentally chill out after over indulging in good conversation, a little break can be restorative. I find when I’m craving a time out, I love popping a family movie into … [Read more...]

Christmas in Sun Peaks


As the last leaves of autumn fall and snow covers the pine trees, Sun Peaks transforms into a picturesque Christmas landscape. Outside, homeowners decorate their dwellings with lights, wreaths are placed on doors and a faithful few bring ornaments to decorate the trees underneath the chairlifts. However, there’s more than snow-covered and … [Read more...]