Driver survives horrific car crash at Sun Peaks

Photo contributed by John Carroll

Police were called to Sun Peaks Village for a single vehicle accident on Sat., July 2 at 2 a.m. Preliminary investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle lost control and struck a power pole near Sun Peaks Road and Sunburst Drive. The vehicle was ripped into three pieces after sheering off the power pole, which cut off power to the village. … [Read more...]

“Once upon a time” in the summer


The calendar dates that pretty well all kids know: their birthday, Christmas, and the last day of school before the summer holidays. Summer truly is a magical time for kids. It’s an end to early morning school-day routines, a time of sunshine and flip-flops, beaches and camping. And, while the kids are mothballing their school brains for the … [Read more...]

Wild about local mushrooms


Mushroom picking has an aura of secrecy about it, and seemingly no one wants to disclose their hidden spot. But, you can eye a good growing area by the trees, ground cover, water, slope, and the region’s humidity. Another not so subtle clue is whether a forest fire has passed through. Morels grow best in burn areas the year after a fire. For … [Read more...]