Recruiting underway for Sno-Limo Host Drivers


Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks Society (ASSP) is establishing a Sno-Limo service at Sun Peaks for both recreational and instructional use and is currently recruiting drivers. The Sno-Limo is a sit-down apparatus that allows anybody, regardless of ability, the opportunity to experience skiing in a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly manner. ASSP is looking for fit, healthy individuals who enjoy people, and … [Read more...]

Skrillex comes out with another bang!


In this generation of carbon-copied sounds, where many an artist wallows around in a pool of similar-sounding artists, it’s exciting to witness a musician develop a signature sound and top the charts with it. Skrillex, or Sonny Moore, has managed to use a number of influences—from Aphex Twin to Marilyn Manson—to create a controversial musical formula. There are possibly as many Skrillex haters as there are fans, … [Read more...]

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Get caught up on the news and sports affecting Sun Peaks, follow the Events Listings for upcoming entertainment, and check out the local services offered through the advertisers and Business Listings. Open publication - Free publishing - More news … [Read more...]