The dilemma of the birthday gift


Birthdays. Kids get to choose their adventure, choose the guests, and buckle down and get busy ripping open the wrapping on their presents. It’s joyful, it’s special, and it ends with a lot of extra stuff in the house. With the amount of shiny but disposable stuff that kids see advertised and overwhelmingly want, I hear people talking more and … [Read more...]

Youth get moving with Sogo Active

There are numerous ways to live an active lifestyle. If you like the outdoors, try canoeing. Or visit the Sogo Active website for other creative and easy ideas on how to keep fit.

Youth are thinking out of the box when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the Sogo Active program. Sogo Active is a national initiative founded in 2008 to get youth off the couch and reverse the tide of childhood obesity. “It’s using a ‘for youth, by youth’ approach,” said Kara Misra, Sogo Active’s B.C. coordinator. “The … [Read more...]

A paradigm shift


Over time there have been various shifts in how we understand the world. It was once believed that the world was flat. Physical evidence suggested that was true. Visually there was an end to the horizon and no one had apparently travelled that far and returned to tell the world differently. It now seems almost comedic to imagine such a view of the … [Read more...]