Conquer the peak of Tod Mountain


Hikers and families are invited to hike to the peak of Tod Mountain at Sun Peaks with Olympian and Senator Nancy Greene-Raine. The hike is scheduled for Sat., July 30. There will be a backup day of July 31 depending on the weather. This can be a great family activity, said Kevin Bendick, SPRC’s director of outdoor operations. “Do a nice and … [Read more...]

Recycling? Stop and try upcycling

Photo contributed by Linda Bodo

Does your family dread recycling day? Piles and boxes of used plastic, tin and glass have to be cleaned, sorted and hauled over to the recycling centre. Lessen your load with upcycling. Upcycling is the art of recycling old things into new, better things. Plastic shopping bags become reusable grocery totes, scrap wood becomes a new piece of … [Read more...]

Searching for treasure the high tech way


Whether it’s Indiana Jones searching far and wide for valuable artifacts or Captain Jack Sparrow looking for that elusive treasure, the thrill of the hunt is something that appeals to many. While we can’t all be archaeologists working in far-flung locales (or pirates, for that matter), it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your penchant for seeking … [Read more...]