Animal control bylaw reading


The Sun Peaks Municipal council introduced and passed two readings of the Animal Control Bylaw No. 0018, 2011 at the Aug. 15 meeting, with the third reading originally slated for September. Minor changes to the proposed bylaw document, none of which affect the spirit of the bylaw, required the third reading to be rescheduled to the next council … [Read more...]

Communicating with Telus


Running a business is a challenge, but running one without access to Internet and phone services is a near impossibility. This is what many Telus customers and small business owners at Sun Peaks experienced with noticeably deteriorating intermittent Internet service in September. Business owner Rod Honey described service as cutting out for … [Read more...]

Local governance 101


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 18 months since Sun Peaks Resort became the first Mountain Resort Municipality (MRM) in B.C. While there are a total of 13 resort municipalities in the province, Sun Peaks’ designation as an MRM allows for special features such as an appointed councillor, additional hotel tax rebates, and other … [Read more...]