How you eat can improve your body’s performance

Laura Kalina has been teaching nutrition education for years and on March 11 she’ll be teaching how a low glycemic index (GI) diet can improve athletic performance. “The glycemic index is a tool used to measure how quickly the carbohydrates in the food you eat raise your blood sugar,” explains Kalina, a registered dietitian. “When you eat foods with a high GI they increase your blood sugars and they spike your … [Read more...]

Sense of community builds with new century

There are many ways to mark a 10 year milestone and in Sun Peaks the period 2000 to 2009 is remembered for its great promise, rapid growth, devastating fires and sense of community that took root in the village. Many remember the Delta fire of 2001 as a pivotal moment in the resort’s history. The community came together to help fight the blaze and begin the reconstruction process that helped relaunch the landmark … [Read more...]

Backcountry ski report

Other than consistent idyllic powder skiing conditions since the middle of January there hasn’t been much excitement in the Monashee snow pack. The last two weeks of January brought steady light snowfalls, which generally bonded well to previous layers. These storms were accompanied by steady wind, building short-lived windslab instabilities demanding caution at ridge-top and alpine features. By the beginning of … [Read more...]