A paradigm shift


Over time there have been various shifts in how we understand the world. It was once believed that the world was flat. Physical evidence suggested that was true. Visually there was an end to the horizon and no one had apparently travelled that far and returned to tell the world differently. It now seems almost comedic to imagine such a view of the … [Read more...]

The rise and fall of movie rentals


Earlier this summer, Blockbuster Canada closed the doors of over 100 of its stores nationwide. The company’s financial difficulties were not a shock to many in the movie rental business. However Blockbuster wasn’t the only company putting up permanent “Closed” signs. Vancouver-based movie rental shops Happy Bats and Videomatica, both long-lived and … [Read more...]

Western Canada Summer Games’ Sun Peaks connections


On Aug. 5 to 14, Kamloops will host the Western Canada Summer Games for the first time ever. About 3,000 athletes from all over B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut will compete in 19 sport events. Several people are representing Sun Peaks at the event in a big way, from athlete to … [Read more...]