Sun Peaks DJ quartet getting ready for takeoff


They’re arguably the best act to come out of Sun Peaks. Operating under various aliases over the years, now they’re Bangers & Mash, and they know how to get the night scene going! Bangers & Mash is a collaborative effort of a group of four men who’ve called Sun Peaks their home on and off for the past eight years. Whether opening up for … [Read more...]

Sci-fi summer fun


As many regular Rave Reviews readers know, I love the summer movie season. And so does Hollywood. While people may love the heat in May, by the time June, July and August roll around, most folks don’t mind spending a few afternoon hours in the air-conditioned darkness of a movie theatre. What better time to release the annual slate of big-budget … [Read more...]

What were we thinking?


In the last issue of SPIN I talked about the life-long challenge of letting go. At the risk of being somewhat repetitive, I’d like to explore further the profound significance of our ability to let go. Each moment, each of us creates our experience of reality from within, via thought. We have innocently learned to take our thinking very … [Read more...]