They’re coming home

“I have become comfortably numb.” Pink Floyd. Canadian troops are slated to leave Afghanistan by the end of July and the other foreigners are soon heading for the exit as well. Only the Americans seem to think it’s a good idea to hang around for more wasted years, money and lives. Then the Afghanis can again claim “Mission Accomplished” as … [Read more...]

Protect yourself from West Nile virus

Larvae of Culex mosquitoes. Published under a Creative Commons licence. Source: A New Model for Predicting Outbreaks of West Nile Virus. Gross L, PLoS Biology Vol. 4/4/2006, e101.

A larger than normal mosquito population is being seen this year as a result of widescale flooding in the province. Known habitats in the region have been treated with larvicide since the beginning of April. This includes the creeks from the Sun Peaks village to McGillivray Lake, said Cheryl Phippen of BWP Contracting. The Culex mosquitoes, … [Read more...]

Mind and Matter 101

Mind over Matter

Undoubtedly, time spent pursuing excellence in sport is invaluable. Often athletes can reach a plateau and find themselves unable to make a breakthrough or even beginning to find that they no longer enjoy themselves as much anymore – especially after many, many months of training. I have experienced this first hand and it sucks. The key here is … [Read more...]