Gosling guaranteed to please in The Ideas of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love

Rave Reviews

While Hollywood seems to be awash in talented thirty-something actresses these days, finding a guy who can hold his own against a strong female lead is a bit harder. There are plenty of distinguished older gentlemen who have proven that they’ve got the chops to keep a saucy 30 year old in check. But the list of thirty-something men is uninspired. Except for Ryan Gosling. Whether it’s luck, or good choices, or being … [Read more...]

Stay safe, drive sober


As visitors and residents alike enjoy the festive season, it’s important to make plans for a safe ride home at the end of a night of celebrating. Whether it’s a night out in the pub, a holiday party, or an après ski get-together, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) encourages you to plan ahead for your ride home. “Let’s make sure that no one’s celebration ends in a crumpled car on the side of the road,” … [Read more...]

Being a Sun Peaks “local”


As will happen in other resort towns, people from around the globe flock to Sun Peaks, B.C. each winter to ski, work, holiday, party, and do whatever it was that inspired them to come here. While the success of Sun Peaks Resort as a resort community is based on the positive experiences of all our guests and visitors, it’s also directly tied to the positive attitude of those that call it home—the Sun Peaks … [Read more...]