The future of Canadian salmon


Well known as one of the healthiest proteins, salmon has been revered and relied upon for years. While respect for this migratory fish dwindles, the demand for consumption rises and it’s causing a stir in the waters for researchers and environmentalists. Salmon has  been a very important part of the Canadian diet historically and is  a … [Read more...]

Demographical shift

“You can’t always get what you want.” - The Rolling Stones Watching the recent riots in London, Athens, Rome and Moscow and the general strike in France one can’t help but think that the worst is to yet to come. Ostensibly, the reason for the protests was a cutting of one government service or another but in all these cases the level of violence … [Read more...]

Don’t worry, be happy

So, please tell me, is it just me or do people actually enjoy complaining about everything that doesn’t suit their wants, desires or personal agendas?  For some strange reason I seem to be ultra aware of this these days and I just don’t understand it. What happened to all the happy, positive, easy going, fun loving people out there? Is it a sign of … [Read more...]