Sun Peaks fire department chosen for EMR pilot project in B.C.


Sun Peaks Fire Rescue is one of two B.C. fire departments chosen for a pilot project allowing firefighters to use the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) protocol to attend to emergency calls. “This is exciting,” said fire chief Bill Stoner. “The EMR protocol will be similar to what an ambulance attendant in a rural community might have for … [Read more...]

Going green on the hill


Spring conditions are here! As the snow starts to melt back into the earth, one wonders what is melting in with it. One of the unsightly parts of spring is the amount of garbage left behind under the chair lifts or in the parking lots. But litter isn’t the only waste out there. Even your ski wax can leave harmful chemicals behind to seep into … [Read more...]

How to ski in powder, compact, slush or groomed snow


“Do you think about how you turn?” asked Ray, my British ski instructor. We were halfway through our warm up run on Cahilty and 5 Mile, one of the most popular green runs in Sun Peaks Resort. Honestly, I don’t think too much about the mechanics of skiing anymore while going down 5 Mile. And I don’t think mine is an unusual case. After you’ve … [Read more...]