Gadgets and gizmos aplenty

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Every year we’re baffled by the new technology introduced into the ski world. This year is no different—there are some great new gadgets out there to benefit your skiing or snowboarding experience. While many head to the slopes to escape the everyday hum of electronics and telephones it’s hard to leave behind some of the technology that makes … [Read more...]

Sun Peaks Family Cup

Photo: Adam Stein

Flags are being pulled out, skis are being waxed and families are teaming up to represent their countries in the 5th Annual Travelplan Sun Peaks Family Cup, taking place Jan. 5 to 9, 2011. The Family Cup is the one event every year where competitors range from four years old to 71 years old as individuals, families and teams from any country don … [Read more...]

The future of Canadian salmon


Well known as one of the healthiest proteins, salmon has been revered and relied upon for years. While respect for this migratory fish dwindles, the demand for consumption rises and it’s causing a stir in the waters for researchers and environmentalists. Salmon has  been a very important part of the Canadian diet historically and is  a … [Read more...]