Patrol and bylaw work to save injured hawk

The hawk ready for transport to treatment in Kamloops. Photo SPIN

An injured cooper’s hawk was rescued from near a hiking trail today thanks to Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality bylaw officer Jim Woodrow and Sun Peaks Resort LLP patrollers.

Hikers called patrol dispatch to report the bird and patrol and bylaw worked together to capture and transport the animal. The bird was taken to patrol’s clinic where a local animal health technologist helped wrapped its injured limb so it could be taken to the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre at the B.C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops.

Once treated the hawk will be released where it was found.

4. The hawk bandaged and ready to be taken to Kamloops by bylaw. Photo SPIN

3. The patrol clinic doubled as a space to treat the injured animal. Photo SPIN

2. The hawk is bandaged with the help of patrollers and an animal health technologist. Photo SPIN