Poke, prod and pinch

KyleBioSignatureWhen my editor first suggested we write a story on Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation I was intrigued. For one thing, it just sounds fancy, and secondly, it’s fascinating to get the scoop on a personalized fitness and nutrition program that uses fat measurements and hormones to target specific areas of the client’s body.

Then I did some research and the words “skin fold caliper testing” came up. I’m not sure if you know what the means but, after participating in the competitive figure skating world for 10 years, I knew exactly what I’d signed up for. A caliper is a plier looking device that measures the thickness of a fold of skin and the underlying fat. *shudder*

After much discussion I decided to suck it up and accept the demonstration offered to me by local fitness buff Kyle Rolfe, a certified Level 1 BioSignature trainer. He spent three days in an “intense” course in Toronto to become a qualified trainer and plans on completing his Level 2 course this summer.

Each reading (or fat measurement) indicates the levels of certain hormones the body contains. The course training that each BioSignature instructor takes educates them on how the hormones affect the body and how changing their levels can assist people in losing weight or gaining muscle in targeted areas. Once they have a reading the trainers can then make suggestions on diet, vitamins, supplements and exercise that are specific to the client.

I was truly terrified when I first walked through the door, but Rolfe immediately put my mind at ease with his calm, casual demeanor. We spent the first 15 minutes talking about what BioSignature was and how he uses the measurements to target each client’s specific “priority” areas.

“Everything’s about balance and it’s about getting that right balance. Everybody is different and that’s what’s really good about BioSigntaure — you can take a reading and then say, ‘OK, well it’s not working here but let’s try this,’ ” says Rolfe.

Then it was time for me to get measured. I started to stress again, I mean who wants to have their fat touched and measured? But, once again, Rolfe was candid about the process and made jokes to lighten the mood.

With my 12 sights measured and recorded Rolfe sourced my priority areas and made a few suggestions — from how to improve my sleeping habits to what kind of water bottle to drink from. Now, I didn’t get the whole nutrition and fitness plan, but the three or four suggestions he made have helped me so far.

“I don’t push products, I suggest. Whether the client wants to try it is up to them, but you can do so much with natural food and I try to be as accommodating as possible,” says Rolfe. “I’ve been on the receiving end of BioSignature myself (and) from everything that (my trainer) told me, and from everything I’ve told my clients so far, I’ve had nothing but success.”

I got the impression from the meeting that most people who hire Rolfe are competitors — high intensity athletes, body builders or personal trainers — who are looking to trim down the excess fat that their current routine hasn’t. That being said, this system would work for anyone looking to lose some fat stores as it’s designed to target the problem areas of each individual.

Check out Rolfe’s Facebook business page for more information.