Police continue shooting incident investigation

RCMP members are currently at Burfield Heights in Sun Peaks where a 33-year-old man was shot by police last night. He was transported to Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops with non life-threatening injuries.

A press release from the RCMP stated that police were looking for the man regarding a complaint of uttering threats.

“My understanding is that the individual is not a regular resident of Sun Peaks,” said mayor Al Raine. “The person was doing some work in someone’s unit. Apparently the owner was there with the individual (when the arrest took place).”

Locals had seen the man before but it wasn’t somebody that residents knew.

At around 5 p.m. two police officers arrived in Sun Peaks to investigate the complaint. They found the man at a unit in Burfield Heights.

As the police officers were arresting the suspect, he pulled out a weapon and pointed it at the two police officers. At this point, the police officers fired at the suspect.

“In the course of that arrest, he was shot once, but the bullet went through his arm and into his leg,” said Raine.

A loaded handgun was seized at the scene.

As the shooting incident involved Kamloops RCMP, members of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service were assigned to complete the investigation on the incident. Members of the Lethbridge RCMP are arriving in Sun Peaks today to conduct an investigation. No names have been released.




  1. I am wondering how many shootings is it gonna take for someone to figure out that there is a problem out there,and it’s not just with the criminals.This guy that got shot aimed a loaded gun at these officers and bang……….JUSTIFIED
    my brother on the other hand was not armed with a gun nor can you call the vehicle a weapon as he was totally blocked in by the RCMP and couldn’t go anywhere even if he had wanted to.Let me see now blocked by a minivan from behind and a donut shop in front,how can his vehicle have been a weapon.The RCMPS put themselves in front of the vehicle to shoot him the only one in harms way that night was my BROTHER WILBERT BARTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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