Provincial grants assist municipal infrastructure

SPMRM.horz.vert.FINAL.CS4Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) recently received just under $150,000 from the provincial government’s Strategic Community Invest Fund (SCIF). The funding, which has been assisting Sun Peaks’ municipality for the past 3 years, is an integral part of the communities “status quo” according the Rob Bremner, chief administrative office with SPMRM.

“It’s a great thing for small communities like us where tax increases don’t generate a significant amount of funds,” says Bremner. “It helps offset the number of costs that we incur — whether it be fixing roads, crack sealing, doing trail work — it supports the general administration of the variety of things we do.”

The provincial funding was put into place to help small communities counter act the effects of the weakened economy, and provide local municipalities with financial stability. The SCIF expires in March of 2015 and Bremner suggests Sun Peaks will make it work, even in the absence of the additional funding.

“Whenever you lose any major source of revenue it always has an effect, but we’re dealing with municipal budgeting and we can only spend what we bring in, so we would adjust accordingly and run a balanced budget,” explains Bremner. “Things may become tighter but it’s certainly something we can work around.”