Quiet summer will lead to six months full of weddings in 2021

Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Sun Peaks Resort pivot to support elopements, smaller weddings

Some couples are making their guest lists smaller, eloping, or postponing until 2021. Photo Nancy Critchley

While this summer there may be fewer brides and grooms in Sun Peaks, 2021 will see a wedding season that is months longer than usual, says Kaitlyn Lamotte, wedding sales specialist for both the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR). 

Lamote said the hotel and resort began to see couples cancel their weddings at the beginning of March as uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic reached Canada. Now what was going to be the busiest wedding season since Lamote started and revamped the wedding team four years ago will see just six weddings take place. 

But even the weddings which will take place this summer have changed, Lamotte said. 

“Most of them are just 10 to 20 people, immediate family ceremonies and dinners rather than receptions now so it definitely still has changed in that sense. But it really is nice that there are still some going ahead, because in the world we need a lot of positivity right now and a lot of the reactions from these couples is very much that. They need more positivity in their life, maybe they don’t want to delay their future plans of starting a family or whatever that might be.” 

Those going ahead with a traditional ceremony and dinner this year will see some changes made by SPR and the hotel to protect guests and staff during the pandemic. Precautions include limiting guests to six per table, upgrading events to larger spaces to accommodate distancing, servers pouring wine and serving from the buffet and more cleaning. 

“It still feels really comfortable..it won’t feel so sterile that it’s uncomfortable,” she said.

Lamotte said with the postponed weddings moving to 2021 the season has changed from the end of June to the end of September to the first weddings taking place in mid-May and events taking place until mid-October. Some Saturday’s will see multiple weddings hosted across the different venues offered by the resort and hotel while other couples have opted for a friday or sunday date.

“We can easily accommodate it, we have a number of ceremony and reception venues perfectly enough,” Lamotte said. “We’re definitely going to be getting a six month wedding season which is really great for the resort. I’m super excited for that…it’s good for the resort and the hotel because it’s a very good chance that weddings could potentially be the business that comes back first.

“The more people that come in for weddings the more all people will feel it, there will be more shoppers in the village and people wanting to do more activities, so it’s just bringing money back into our little Sun Peaks, which is needed.” 

In the meantime, this summer Lamotte’s wedding team will host two days of their annual pop up elopement day series on July 10 and August 10, with one more spot available on the August date.

The event was born out of 2019’s pop up wedding event but is designed to be more intimate and focus on just the couple. The package includes accommodation, breakfast room service,  bouquets or boutonnieres from Woodland Design Studio, a ceremony in the Sunburst meadows, officiant Sandy Alexander, photography by Kathleen Fischer, a private plated dinner with a butler and more. 

“A lot of couples have decided this is the route they’d rather take since they can’t have the big wedding,” Lamotte said. “Some of our couples that have booked big weddings with us will just partake in this package.”

Lamotte said due to the popularity of the elopement event they will continue to add dates, including one during the winter Peak Pride event and more next summer. 

Couples interested in booking an elopement can contact Lamotte or watch social media channels for SPR on the hotel for new dates on offer.