Race of a lifetime-Kamloops biker to take on Iron Mountain

Marshall flashes a muddy grin after competing in a motocross event.
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Considered the crown jewel of extreme off-road racing, the Hard Enduro Red Bull Hare Scramble Erzberg Rodeo sets the standard for intensity in the world of motocross.

Over 1,500 daredevils will flock from around the world to Eisenerz, Austria for the chance to compete. After preliminary races, only 500 finalists will experience the massive obstacle course set in Iron Mountain, Austria’s largest iron mine.

Though hundreds start the race, only a handful of riders complete the course. In a race steeped in nearly insurmountable odds, reaching the finish line will be a true test of talent and will—and teamwork, as the 2015 championship attested, when four men worked together to complete the course.

Kamloops resident Chayse Marshall, 24, is taking that challenge—and with two other locals, Ryan Beers and Lionel Kabotoff, he will be heading to Austria in mid-June.

Marshall started racing downhill mountain bikes when he was 12 years old. Over the course of his cycling career, he was sponsored by Sun Peaks Resort LLP, competed and placed in numerous local, provincial and national competitions, including a World Cup and two World Championships. He also represented Canada on the Canadian Federation DH Cycling team. Marshall was named BC Junior Elite Downhill Champion in 2008, breaking a course record in 2012 at the Men’s Elite Division at the BC Cup Race.

Two years ago, Marshall turned to dirt biking.

“It taps into all the things I loved about downhill racing but on a higher level—you’re going further and faster, and seeing more of the world around you.

“It’s hard to explain the thrill of it all. It’s unbeatable.”

He completed his first enduro race in 2015 and was named Overall Expert Points Leader by the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association in 2016.

For Marshall, the next step is to take on the biggest enduro race in the world. He admits with a laugh that he’s leapfrogging over difficulty levels—but that it’s all a part of the fun.

Admittedly, the anticipation is a little “nerve-wracking”; contending with steep, gravelly climbs and rocky declines at top speed takes a great deal of expertise, strength and

To Marshall, placing anywhere in the top twenty would be ideal.

“Completing the course would feel like winning.”

Follow his journey on his Facebook, Instagram, on chaysemarshall.com and gofundme.com/chaysemarshall.