Driver error by a competitor cost White a top 10 finish at the Toronto Indy. Photo Matthew Manor

Completing the final two laps of the NASCAR Pinty’s series Honda Indy Toronto, Sun Peaks local Racin’ Jason White found himself battling for the eighth position, but a crash between a few other competitors put him back to a 15th place finish.

“It was going really good until the last lap and then a couple of people lost their talent, is what we call it, (and) drove over their heads and took a big finish away from me,” said White.

He said it was a tough pill to swallow as  he was focused on being patient and racing smart throughout 95 per cent of the race and added his team worked hard throughout the  weekend making adjustments to improve the car.

“We actually turned our fastest race lap, it was a full two seconds faster than our qualifying lap so we continued to adjust on the car and get better,” he explained. “Those are the positives for me to take out of it is the things we are doing are making us better as a team and me as a driver and the car is reacting to our changes so we worked hard through the weekend and we’re just going to stay positive and work on it for the next one.”

The team worked on the car’s chassis, a steel frame attached to the vehicle’s axles that holds the body and motor, lowering the rear end of the vehicle to get more bite off the corners. White found that combined with adjustments to the air tire pressure, it helped him with acceleration.

“When you get to that point with your car you know you’re close because they’re such minor adjustments that the little things are making a big difference on the race track,” said White.

The Toronto Indy is unlike White’s typical oval track races as the course is a temporary venue built on shut down streets of Toronto, Ont.

“The concrete walls are literally 20 to 25 feet apart from each other so there’s really not a lot of room for error and there’s not a lot of time for correction,” he said “When things happen at 170 miles an hour or 160 miles an hour on these temporary street courses you don’t really have a chance. You just have to race smart, be patient and just hope you don’t get taken out like I did at the end.”

White now is shifting his focus to prepare for his next challenge, two oval track races in one day at the NASCAR Pinty’s Series competition in Saskatoon, Sask on July 25.