Report outlines potential Sun Peaks Centre sites

Artists Impression courtesy Sun Peaks Municipality -
Artists Impression courtesy Sun Peaks Municipality –

Of six sites considered for the Sun Peaks Centre, the best two options are Parcel R, currently used for RV parking, and Parcel Q, adjacent to the Kookaburra development.

Both locations offer enough room for the planned NHL-sized hockey rink, are highly visible and within walking distance of the hotel core, according to a report released last month by an independent consultant.

Hired by Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, Coriolis Consulting Corp. looked at sites previously outlined in a 2012 analysis done for Sun Peaks Resort LLP about where to locate
a multiplex.

Other than parcels R and Q, this included:

• land adjacent to Bento’s and the road,
• the stables, where the temporary outdoor rink exists on provincial land,
• space between the 12th and 13th holes of the golf course, known as the Master Plan Site, and
• the large vacant P5-East Village area where land work for the rink had started earlier this year until an impasse on location emerged between the municipality and resort.

The report deemed the latter four less desirable for a variety of reasons ranging from lack of space, limited parking and remote location.

The municipality wants to see a facility that will appeal to residents, accommodate a wide range of uses and “help expand and diversify the Sun Peaks economy,” the report says, while the resort views the proposed rink as a recreation asset without much potential for visitor use, thus is less concerned about it being centrally located.

Mayor Al Raine and Rob Bremner, the municipality’s chief administrative officer, have had preliminary discussions with the resort and planned to meet with the board before the end of October to discuss potential sites.

Once the location is decided, the municipality plans to start on the $1-million outdoor rink this spring. It will tout a concrete floor and refrigeration plant to keep the ice consistent, proper boards and glass, and lights.

“If the sun comes out, concrete or asphalt melts the ice from underneath,” said Bremner. “The refrigeration plant keeps the floor at zero, which keeps the floor cold and retains the ice.”

Eventually, the goal is to put a roof over the rink, he said, which could allow the space to be used for other purposes like weddings, conventions and concerts. For this winter, however, the small outdoor rink near the stable compound will have to suffice.

The Coriolis report is available online in the Sept. 28 council agenda package and can be found under New Business, Rink Facilities Report.




  1. I would have thought that the area next to Kookaburra was the best spot, as the RV park is used thought out the summer. Also this area is in need of a little TLC whilst the RV site is a finished area. Also I would hope that the pool reopens as its hard to sell the all round resort concept without it. It does need bringing up to a better standard, and it will loose money if a coffee shop, smoothly bar, or some other revenue raising item is not added to this building. This would create a hub for sport activities other than skiing, with the new gym already open, in this area.

  2. I try’d finding the Rink report – didn’t see it. Can anyone explain the history of the reasoning behind the rink. Seems like a lot of precious money to spend on while we badly need a proper pool / gym complex that WILL add to the visitor experience. ( And no a private cross fit gym doesn’t cut it as a drop in proper gym ) But I admit I may be missing something here.
    Meanwhile I see Hemlock just announced a 1.5 billion approved expansion. ( 1.5 b but no ice rink – guess they didn’t see the need ) .
    A quick scan of the Hemlock Resort master plan leaves me thinking this will cut into lower mainland visits and investments to Sunpeaks. 550 m vertical versus Sunpeaks 881 m. Not bad being so close to a large population base. Sure there’s some fluff in the report but every resort spreads some manure around. My only concern would if last years weather becomes the trend they would be in trouble. Like Whistler they can recover quickly from short term bad weather because of large snowfall.
    By the way Sunpeaks one of their first acts will be to replace the 1034 m length Skyline Double chairlift which should be had at a good price. Maybe Sunpeaks will do an expansion if they can do it on the cheap.
    We are not even getting into Brohm Ridge.
    Time to go back into the fog!

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