Rokosh makes Canada Cup finals

Rokosh placed 12th overall at the SilverStar stop of the Canada Cup tour. Photo submitted.

After clipping his skis on the second rail during his qualifying run at the Canada Cup event in SilverStar Jan. 26 to 27, member of Freestyle BC’s Park and Pipe team, Justin Rokosh felt the pressure to put down a clean run in hopes of achieving his goal to make it into finals.

“It was pretty stressful going up the chair by myself and just thinking about all the things that could go wrong with the run,” said Rokosh, a Rayleigh resident. “I was pretty sure if I landed my run I could make the finals, but it was just having to land the run and make it clean.”

Rokosh earned his spot in the Canada Cup finals for the first time by pulling a right 270 onto the first rail continuing out then he headed into a switch left tails over 270 with a 270 out. For the jumps, he landed a cork 900 blunt grab then a switch right cork 720  Japan grab on the second jump. He ended his run with a switch left double cork 900.

“I was really excited. Considering it was the first time I’ve qualified for finals at all, and I qualified at a pretty good spot because the top eight go,” he said.

Heading into finals in fourth position, Rokosh was looking to put down a clean run and not stress because he had already achieved his goal of the weekend.

Two hours before the Sunday competition he injured himself when he came up short on one of the jumps and bruised his heel.

“That was another added pressure going into the runs. My original plan was to just do the first run and not even do a second run because my heel was hurting so bad.”

Putting down a clean run his first time out, Rokosh decided to amp up his run adding a front 450 out on his rail section.

“It was just a more technical trick. I did the exact same thing on the first run (as day one)  and I landed it. So then I had nothing to lose on the second run because if I just did the same thing I would pretty well get the same score. I thought might as well try to go for something harder and worse case I crash and go with my first run,” he said.

His inclusion landed him in the middle of the pack where he placed 12th overall. Thankful for the support of his sponsors he thanked Oronge Boardshop for their continued support.

Rokosh wasn’t the only local athlete in attendance at the competition; Luc Dallaire also competed placing 35th in the qualification run.