Rokosh podiums in series debut

Rokosh displays his gold medal in Mount Seymour. Photo supplied.

One week before the final BC Snowboard Provincial Series competition of the season, Rayleigh resident Max Rokosh was cleared to get back to training following a shoulder injury which left him with an AC joint separation.

“About a month and a half ago I was going to do a trick on a jump, and I just wasn’t focusing on the rail that was before the jump. I ended up crashing on that I ended up doing half a front flip off of the rail landed right onto my shoulder,” said Rokosh.

Following a month of physical therapy and rest, Rokosh headed to Mount Seymour for the Feb.16 contest where he placed first in his age category and third overall.

“I didn’t feel any pressure to do as well as I can because I had something to fall back on to,” he said. “That I haven’t been, riding my shoulders still not 100 per cent better, that was in the back of my mind…it was almost a little thing to ease the nerves in order to take the pressure off.”

With a best run of 77.50 Rokosh landed a backside cork 900, cab underflip with a nose grab then went into the rails where he did a backside 270 followed by a boardslide with a pretzel 270.

“The course was a little bit weird you did two jumps and then you went down to the bottom of the hill did a chairlift then did the two rail runs,” said Rokosh. “If you were landing your jumps there was a lot more time of thinking about ‘oh I have to land this rail run’ it was a little bit more nerve-racking in that fact.”

Members of the Sun Peaks Snowboard Club were also in attendance at the event. In the age categories, Sun Peaks earned a podium finish as Nayte Brown took home second with a score of 31.25 in the U13 division. The club had two top 15 finishes in the overall scoring of the competition with  Maxwell Eibl finishing ninth overall with a best-run score of 56.75 and Jackson Steed taking 15th overall with 50.50.

With the provincial series complete  for the season Rokosh will turn his attention to preparing for Snowboard Canada’s Jr. Nationals March 18 to 24.