Max competing in the AMA EX Rd 1 competition in Arizona. Photo by Mary Rinell.

Placing 12th amongst some of the world’s top professional endurocross competitors, Max Rokosh is coming to the realization he’ll soon have to make the decision of which of his two sports, dirt biking and snowboarding, to pursue at the professional level.

“I’m in a bit of a unique situation between snowboarding and dirt biking. They’re both getting towards (where) I have to devote all (my) time into one to make it to that level. I have to make a decision,” he said.

Travelling 27 hours to Prescott Valley, Ariz. for the AMA EX RD 1 competition on Aug. 25, he placed sixth in his amateur class achieving his goal of making the top 10 and surprised himself by earning a spot in the pro race.

“It was crazy racing with them. I felt a little bit intimidated but it was a great time,” he said.

Typically riding in distance events, Rokosh found the endurocross course challenging to maneuver because the logs are placed so the length of a bike doesn’t fit between them making it impossible for riders to stop.

“There was a section with uphill rocks and there was a bunch of holes in it so you could get your back tire stuck in there. That happened to me a couple of times and I had to pick up my bike and unwedge it from in between some rocks,” he said.

He didn’t expect to qualify for the pro competition and had to compete back-to-back, rushing between the two events.

“ …I had to pull off the track and then instantly pull back into the starting line into a spot I had saved for me. Didn’t get much of a break in between the races,” he recalled.

Rokosh travelled to a family friend’s property in Salmon Arm, B.C. to get in extra time on an enduro track and completely changed his practice techniques to prepare for the competition. 

With five more possible events this season, Rokosh said he will evaluate if he will attend any more competitions before he shifts into snowboarding season.