Rotary club seeks community support for hall proposal

The hall would be located in P5, where current plans have the elementary school being relocated to.

Since starting in 2017 the Rotary Club of Sun Peaks has raised thousands for causes like the Sun Peaks Education Society. 

Now they’re turning their focus to a much larger project, the construction of a community hall. 

Rotary member Michael Fane brought the proposal to the club this year with the hope of aligning the project with the eventual relocation of Sun Peaks Elementary School to P5 in the East Village. 

“I’m 70 years old, I need something to do,” said Fane, who recently built a home in Sun Peaks. “We live here and intend to live here and you should do things for the place you live.”

The club has proposed the hall would share land with the new school and plans to present to municipal council in August to ask for support and confirmation they could receive land if they commit to construction costs. 

Fane said he feels the construction of the Sun Peaks Centre will benefit the tourism industry but he hopes the hall could be used for residents for things like meetings and weddings.  

A proposal for the project by Rotary stated current facilities are dedicated to furthering tourism and conventions or owned by private businesses. 

“These facilities are not suitable for use by such local community users as the scouts, Art Zone, Taekwondo, the kitchen party, mom & me exercise, the local school and the classroom needs of the volunteer fire department,” the proposal reads. 

Fane added they intend to run the hall as a not-for-profit and it’s important for community groups to be able to have space on dedicated days, which is currently a challenge. 

“Users…need regular access to assured and affordable space,” continued the proposal. “Finally, in the event of an emergency evacuation…the building could be available as the group lodging facility if needed by emergency social services.”

Preliminary plans outline a 1,680 sq. foot building with vaulted ceilings, made to be movable but durable. 

Preliminary cost estimates from Trout Creek Industries are between $335,000 and $365,000. Early plans outline trying to work with the municipality during the school relocation to reduce property, site prep and service costs. 

Fane said the building would be given to the resort municipality upon completion but the club would be open to managing the operations. 

He added he believes there is a need but the club is trying to generate community support to show to all levels of government. 

“I have a pretty good idea where about half of the funds can come from (should it proceed),” he said. “We also have an independent review process so that if it becomes obvious it won’t occur then people (who have donated) will make an independent decision to receive a refund or leave it with Rotary for another project.”

While Fane and the club prepare for their presentation questions or support can be sent to