Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa ClausFather Christmas is taking a detour down from the North Pole to spend some time in Sun Peaks before he heads off around the world!

Sun Peaks Resort Corporation and Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) have secured a special contract to bring Santa to Sun Peaks. Children and families will have the opportunity to meet Santa on December 13, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Christopher Nicolson, president of TSP, said it was a great chance for a Christmas photograph with Santa in a “winter wonderland” setting.

“It’s a great kick-off to Christmas, and it will feature Christmas music, carols, and some delicious taffy,” Nicolson said.

Santa will head back to the North Pole to finish getting ready for the big day — making sure his elf helpers are working hard, feeding his reindeers, and checking over his list of nice and naughty children. A check-up on Rudolph’s famous nose is also required, in case of any clouds or fog on Christmas Eve.

Father Christmas will be back in Sun Peaks from December 22 to 24, where children and families will have a chance to join Santa for breakfast, ice-skating, or skiing.

Brandi Schier from TSP said it was a “longstanding tradition” for Santa to spend time in Sun Peaks before Christmas.

“It’s really fun for families. Kids love spending time with Santa. I think as adults we can forget how cool it is to see Santa,” Schier said.

Visit the Sun Peaks Resort website to find out more about Santa’s visit to Sun Peaks.