School votes to become the Powder Hounds

Sun Peaks’ Elementary School creates first mascot

Students voted on becoming the Powder Hounds.

For the first time students at Sun Peaks’ Elementary School will be competing with a team name, logo and mascot.

Principal Mike Johnson said when he started at the school he noticed the gap and wanted to include students in creating something that would define and unite them.

Students were asked to submit name suggestions which were then narrowed down and put to a vote. Some of the finalists included names like the Rangers, the Stellar Jays and the Grizzlies. In the end the winner of the contest was the Powder Hounds.

The invention of the name and logo was important for the students, Johnson said, as it gave them a sense of community and pride.

The design of the logo and mascot was completed by Sun Peaks’ resident Ben Morris.

He said he worked from key words like “fun, playful, bold, colourful and curious” to create the logo that will be used on things like jerseys, clothes and stickers.

“I really like how it overall turned out,” he said. “It’s kid friendly but has a confident twist on it.

“For me it was a fun project. I was very honoured to be part of it and I’m looking forward to seeing where it ends up.”