School’s unsung heroes recognized

Nicole Shaw (via FaceTime on laptop) and Sadie Grunling are this years Unsung Heroes. Photo SPIN.

Two students from Sun Peaks Elementary were recognized by local Isabelle Hamptonstone at a July 28 assembly and awards ceremony.

Hamptonstone selected Nicole Shaw and Sadie Grunling as the winners of the Unsung Hero award based on criteria including helping others, being unselfish and kindness.

Shaw was chosen for many of those reasons. Hamptonstone said she is talented in many areas and excels in her schoolwork.

“Nicole is a hard working student, and is mature and responsible beyond her years.  She is selfless, easygoing and a friend to everyone. She is extremely dedicated to her school, her family and her community. Nicole has a strong sense of justice and is incredibly honest,” Hamptonstone said.

“I have only just gotten to know Nicole over the past 10 months but every day I have been impressed with her attitude, her sense of humour, her kindness and her incredible work ethic.”

Grunling was also selected for her work ethic, among other qualities.

“She is a kind friend who looks out for everyone in the school regardless of if they are her close friend or not. Sadie helps out in all areas of the school and is often found organizing the classroom and helping her teacher.

“Sadie can often be quiet and reserved but is an incredibly hard working young girl.”