Seasonal dish with Darren Kashin

Ottawa, Ontario born Darren Kashin has been in Sun Peaks for six years and has been the executive chef at Masa’s Bar & Grill for two and a half of them. With a diploma in culinary management from Algonquin College and nine years of experience in the food industry, Kashin is more than qualified to run his own kitchen. Part of the job entails creating new menu items and SPIN asked Kashin to give us the inside track on his process by creating a seasonal dish for us. Here’s what he had to say:

Darren KashinWhy is this dish seasonal?
“Think camping! When you cook the bacon and smoke the scallops it smells like a camp fire and camping season is coming up.”

Why did you decide to pursue a culinary career?
“I just thought I could be really good at it. I like food, I like fire and I like knives.”

What is your favorite dish to make?
“I don’t have a preferred dish to make. Depends on the season and depends on the person I’m cooking for. I like to please people.”

What food do you least enjoy working with?
“I hate peeling potatoes, I’ve done so many and I’m really good at it because I’ve done it for so long, but I really hate peeling them.”