Second Annual Banked Slalom a big success

Photo: Mason Buettner
Photo: Mason Buettner

The second Annual Bluebird Banked Slalom that took place on February 17 is being hailed as a success with 65 skiers and boarders competing down the new course on 5 Mile’s “Hully Gully.” Graham Rohrmosser of Kamloops won the open snowboard category and Sun Peaks local Kieran Nikula won the open ski category.

Snowboarder Jess Kiesel made the trip from Bellingham, Wa. for the race and enjoyed the new course layout.

“It’s different ‘cause it’s slow and then technical, and then slow and then technical,” said Kiesel when comparing the course to others he’d ridden in the past.
Event organizer, Kent “Koach” Theissen, was very pleased with the day’s events.

“The course placement this year compared to last year is unreal, using more natural features. Not as much cat-made and man-made stuff and more sheltered, it’s definitely way more of a natural traditional banked slalom,” said Theissen. He would like to thank Devin Knopf and all of the volunteers that stepped up to lend a hand in making the event run smoothly.