Secondary school moving to new home

The new Sun Peaks Secondary Academy location. Photo Jean Strong.


Sun Peaks Secondary Academy students will be moving down the mountain this spring into a new modular building supplied by Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

While the older students enjoy their new digs, elementary students will take over another portable classroom to better accommodate the growing group.

The space, delivered in the fall of 2016, has space for up to 30 students (currently 20 are enrolled). It sits near the health clinic in P1.

Sun Peaks Education Society (SPES) president Ross Blakenley said other solutions will need to be examined if the school continues to grow as it has been.

“If it grows by ten students we will need more space,” he said, adding he was happy to see growth at Sun Peaks while other B.C. schools may struggle to maintain enough students to stay open, especially in rural areas.

SPES vice president Maria Cannon said she is grateful for support from the community and municipality.

“It’s nice to see support from the municipality and resort,” Cannon said. “Sun Peaks is a community where we make things happen. We look at what is needed and are creative about the options.”

Work is being completed to connect and prepare the structure so senior students are able to move in spring 2017.