Security cameras running-vehicles in and out of village recorded

Photo Erwin Strauhmanis.

Installation is complete on three security cameras that now watch community entrances, exits and one intersection.

The cameras are located in the Burfield, Kookabura Lodge and Bella Vista areas. Since October Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality has worked to enhance the quality of recordings by connecting them to fibre optic internet.

Two of the three now record high quality video. The third, which has yet to be connected to fibre optic cable, currently records at a quality which can be virtually enhanced if needed.
Municipality chief administrative officer Rob Bremner said the cameras are a good option for a small community that is unable to afford other options like community police. Bremner said the project came in on budget at around $40,000.

The cameras will not be monitored, Bremner said, but the footage is stored on servers for up to a month before being recorded over. If requested the municipality can share footage with RCMP to assist in investigations.

Mayor Al Raine said he understands they may be seen as an invasion of privacy but it’s a small price to pay for the 24/7 security provided.

“There is no question security cameras that can identify cars going in and out of the village will go a long way to stopping break-ins,” Raine said. “It will go a long way to providing peace and quiet to residents of Sun Peaks.”




  1. There is not such thing as a “small price” when it comes to personal freedom and privacy. That same slippery slope is what the US government used to justify intercepting and storing phone calls and emails of every US citizen as a guard against the 1/1000000000 of one percent who are terrorists.

  2. Small price to pay?? ” Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. – Thomas Jefferson

    Did you ask the citizens of sunpeaks whether we wanted these invasions?

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