Senate push to be the fittest nation on Earth

Senator Nancy Greene Raine skiing with children.
Senator Nancy Greene Raine skiing with children.


Always an ambassador for healthy living, Senator Nancy Greene Raine has been working with John Weston, member of Parliament for West Vancouver, as well as a team of concerned citizens, to promote National Health and Fitness Day.

The bill is an act to establish a national day to promote health and fitness for all Canadians. It designates the first Saturday in June as a day to increase awareness surrounding the issues related to obesity, especially in children.

“Motivating Canadians to take personal responsibility for their health will be very important moving forward,” said Senator Raine. “Education plays a big role, and quality physical education will be increasingly important to ensure children grow up with the skills needed to enjoy physical activities.”

National Health and Fitness Day will be used to educated people on the importance and use of local health, recreational, sports and fitness facilities.

“We aim to rally our nation to be the ‘Fittest Nation on Earth,’ said Weston. “(We want) to reverse the disturbing trends of dwindling participation in physical activity, rising obesity rates, increasing incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other obesity-related disease; and out-of-control health care costs.”

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