Senator Greene Raine named in Auditor General’s expenses report

Nancy GreeneSenator Nancy Greene Raine, and director of skiing for Sun Peaks Resort, was named among a group of senators alleged to have filed questionable expense claims, according to an Expense Report released by the Auditor General earlier this week.

Thirty senators were named by the report, with alleged expenses totalling nearly $1 million. Nine senators have had their expenses referred to the RCMP.

Retired senator Rod Zimmer is alleged to owe the most, with $176,014 of questionable expenses.

Senator Greene Raine was named in the report as owing $2,800, of which it was noted that $2,386 had been repaid. The repayments were made in 2012 and 2013.

The expenses primarily related to Greene Raine’s attendance at two ski shows in Toronto, which she visited while travelling between B.C. and Ottawa for Parliament.

A statement released by Greene-Raine this week stated: “The Senator reviewed her claims in 2013, realized that she should not have claimed these expenses, and has made a full repayment for them.”

Greene Raine said she has reviewed her travel bookings with her travel agent and staff to prevent similar errors in the future.

Greene Raine has also sought independent arbitration on two further expense claims from November 2011 and November 2012, totalling $414. The matters related to an overnight stay in Vancouver and attending a Senate colleagues wedding anniversary.

“If the independent arbitrator rules that these two expenses are personal I will repay them,” Greene Raine said. Also stating: “In the matter of Senate travel, and I say this with all due respect, I believe the OAG (Office of the Attorney General) may not have a true understanding or appreciation of the realities of cross-country travel in Canada. There are always last minute schedule changes, not to mention weather events, and my travel agent has performed well under these circumstances.”

Senator Greene Raine is not among the nine senators referred to the RCMP.

A full copy of Greene Raine’s explanation can be found on her website.

Greene Raine has posted expenses on her website since October 15, 2013.