The serious business of poutine – new restaurant opening this winter

French fries, cheese curds and gravy are a uniquely mouthwatering Canadian combination.

This winter Joe Poutine will open in the village next to Mountain High Pizza and Bella Italia to offer different poutine variations.

From the classic to butter chicken or concoctions that can only be described as a heart attack on a plate, there will be something for everyone.

Owner Suzanne Duchesne has lived at Sun Peaks on and off for years and decided to make the jump to open her first business after 30 years in the food and beverage industry.

“I had the idea years ago,” she said. “This past winter I said ‘No, I’m staying. This is where I have to be.’”

Growing up in Ontario and spending time with family in Quebec, Duchesne knows what makes the signature dish great.

“It made me crazy I couldn’t get a good poutine on the hill,” she said. “There are so many places that don’t use the correct gravy. The french fries, the gravy, it has got to be right. I’ve got 350 years of French Canadian (cuisine) behind me so I have to represent.”

In addition to the classic, Duchesne will offer fries with a variety of aiolis, deep fried and flavoured cheese curds.

“I want it to be a meal in a bowl— Lunch, après or dinner. Just easy, good and warms up your insides.”

The restaurant will sit between Mountain High Pizza and Bella Italia in the village. Photo SPIN.

Duchesne said she believes it’s important to have a variety of choices on the hill and it benefits all businesses.

“It makes Sun Peaks all the more attractive.”

She is busy getting everything just right for opening for the ski season. From choosing the best fryers, to testing and planning the menu, there is a lot of work to be done.

“When people come in I want them to remember the place in a good way. There are people from all over the world and I want them to have a good experience.”