Shortcuts you won’t regret

Taking a shortcut isn’t usually the best way to get ahead, but when it comes to the world of computing you can save yourself a bunch of time with just a few kicks of the keyboard rather than a few clicks with the mouse.

When watching others work their way through programs, taking their hand off the keyboard, putting it on the mouse, dragging the mouse to the top of the screen, finding “File | Print” or “Edit | Copy,” drag mouse again, “Edit | Paste” is painful to watch!

Without moving your hand away from the keyboard you can accomplish those tasks in seconds — yes that time adds up when you’re on a computer for a few hours!

Most keyboard shortcuts are universal; they’ll work in most programs on your computer regardless of whether you’re a PC or a Macintosh user.

I have too many “can’t live without” shortcuts to list, but the “must knows” are copy, cut, paste, undo and save.

Below is an A to Z of easy, common shortcuts that’ll save you time at the computer and allow you more time to step away from it and do the things you enjoy.




Select All

Ctrl + A

Cmd + A

Add/Remove Bold

Ctrl + B

Cmd + B


Ctrl + C

Cmd + C


Ctrl + F

Cmd + F

Add/Remove Italics

Ctrl + I

Cmd + I


Ctrl + P

Cmd + P


Ctrl + S

Cmd + S

Add/Remove Underline

Ctrl + U

Cmd + U


Ctrl + V

Cmd + V

Close Window

Ctrl + W

Cmd + W


Ctrl + X

Cmd + X


Ctrl + Y

Cmd + Y


Ctrl + Z

Cmd + Z