Sibling lemonade stand adds a twist of tea

Lemonade Stand
Landon and Montana Oevermann hard at work. Photo courtesy: Ryan Oevermann.

Sunday morning market-goers have been delighted to enjoy a home-made lemonade or a delicious iced tea in recent weeks.

The business venture, Landon’s Lemonade and Tana’s Tea, was put together by the brother and sister duo of 11-year-old Landon and eight-year-old Montana Oevermann as a way to raise money toward the most iconic childhood dream of all — a trip to Disneyland.

Both profess they have a “secret recipe” which they wouldn’t disclose to SPIN, but admitted that their father, Ryan, may have had a small hand in their successful recipe.

Landon first started his lemonade stand in 2012, when he was just eight years old.

“I wanted to see what it was like to run a business,” he said. “And I was running low on money, so I wanted to try it out.”

With some assistance from his father, Landon was able to purchase a table and jugs, and get to work on his first-ever market stall.

“People love it. They say they wish they knew how to make it,” Landon said.

Once Montana saw how successful it was, she was eager to join, and added her iced tea to the mix — literally. The siblings mix their two drinks to create Arnold Palmers, which are proving to be very popular.

They said they both enjoy meeting new people at the markets, and seeing their friends each Sunday morning, although they say their presence at the markets is “weather and Dad dependent.”

Ryan said he was pleased with the kids’ business venture, and said he puts aside half the profits each week into a savings account, which can only be touched for business spending, while the rest of the money goes straight to the kids for their own purposes — such as their current goal of saving for a trip to Disneyland.

You can find Landon’s Lemonade and Tana’s Tea at the Sun Peaks & Region Farmers’ Market most Sundays.