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Dropbox_logoIt’s a common scenario: you fire off an e-mail with a file attached, the e-mail moves into your sent items folder then shortly after you receive a bounce back notification: “too large to send.” Below are a few easy ways to ensure your large files reach the recipient, whether they’re sent by e-mail or by electronic transfer.

The traditional method is to upload files to a designated server using a file transfer protocol (FTP). Using an FTP requires one user to have space on their server and allow others access by using an FTP address, username and password. Although this is a quick and simple method, many people not familiar with FTP often find it a daunting process.

If you’re looking for a simpler and more modern way of sending large files by e-mail, or another way of sharing folders and photo galleries, you might like Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud-based web storage program that allows users to create and upload files, and create and share folders. To share a folder, an invitation is sent by e-mail to the user you wish to share the folder with. Once registered, that user can now upload and download to the shared folder.

One of the neat features of Dropbox is its ability to share photo albums and files via e-mail. The e-mail recipient receives a link directing them to a web browser, where they can view beautifully displayed photo galleries, videos and documents.

A free Dropbox account starts with 2GB of storage and can grow to an allocated 18GB which can be used to store files and photos. There are several fun simple ways to grow your free storage space, by posting a tweet, following and linking via social media accounts and referring Dropbox to others.

If you want the freedom to store large amounts of data and don’t want the restrictions of a free account, there are monthly Pro and Business plans starting at $9.99/month.

For its sleek interface, the way it handles and displays online photo galleries and files, its ease for sharing and for creating links for distributing via e-mail and on social media platforms, Dropbox gets top points.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion szunyi. Took a brief look at Copy, which seems to be another version of Dropbox. Would you like to share why you think it’s a better tool than Dropbox?

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