Since we have it, why not use it?

freedomWe’ve been given a most amazing gift. We have, within each of us, a profound depth of wisdom and understanding that’s available to us in every moment and in any circumstance.

And yet we all continue to settle for less. We accept as reality our experience of worry, anxiety or the other myriad of feelings that are simply a by-product of our insecure thinking. It’s only when we have the insight that our reality is thought created — that we are the thinkers — that we can begin to see our habitual patterns. We can then see how we’ve innocently picked up ways of viewing the world, i.e. how we repeat generational perspectives on life, whether this perspective is about race, religion, social mores or self-image.

Amazing freedom is ours when we recognize that we’re free to choose and to change our thinking. We are no longer stuck in old limiting habits that lower our mood and cause us so much pain in our daily lives. We can no longer accept the fallacy that when x happens my reaction must be y. When someone takes my parking place anger and upset aren’t my only choices. When someone keeps me waiting impatience and frustration aren’t my only choices. And so it goes throughout each day, in every moment.

With the insight that we have choice comes the awareness of the inside-out nature of our experience. If we can choose our response it follows that the event is not causing our perspective but rather the opposite. We are creating our own personal view of the event. Now that changes everything. That is a paradigm shift.

When we talk about our “innocence” in learning habits that don’t serve us, and in accepting the misconception that outside events are responsible for our feelings and moods, it’s like any other paradigm shift. What we mean is that the general belief or currently accepted “truth” is a (flat earth) and through insight and actual experience it is found to be b (round earth).

The concept of the inside-out nature of life and the power of thought has been alluded to for centuries. However, it’s only since the epiphany experienced by Sydney Banks in the ‘70s that it’s been embraced by the field of psychology and recognized for its part in deciding our behaviour.

As our understanding deepens and we experience the change for the better in our own lives we begin to see the enormous potential for change in the world around us. Whether between classmates, partners, governments or religions, wherever there appears to be an outside-in perception we now know there can be change. Perceptions can shift. There’s the possibility for peace, for calm, for a meeting of the minds. All we need do is recognize this truth. We can all then choose to live from the place of calm and well-being that’s our innate nature. So, since we have it let’s use it.