Ski Patrol and Adaptive Sports work together

Sun Peaks ski patrollers partnered with Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP) on Nov. 15 to practise chairlift evacuation procedures with skiers who have different disabilities and sports equipment. It was the first time the two have joined to ensure lift evacuation operations are safe for both groups in the event of an emergency.

Pat McKimmon, president of ASSP, said she was excited to work together with patrol and other groups on the mountain.

“The more that the different groups who operate on the mountain can present a collaborative front the better the service will be for the guests,” McKimmon said.

Marc White, risk management and safety programs director at Sun Peaks Resort LLP, said he was happy to see the relationship between the groups strengthen.

“It is an excellent program,” White said. “Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the mountains safely.”

Both groups plan to work together on future training projects to ensure both patrollers and ASSP participants and volunteers can be well educated and safe on the mountain.

7. Patrollers work as a team to lower a sit skier from the Sundance chairlift.

6. A group of patrollers work with ASSP instructor Troy Morrison to arrange straps for evacuation on his sit ski.

5. Teamwork is used to practice how to best evacuate a skier with an intellectual disability.

4. Patrollers learned better ways to communicate to reassure evacuees they are safe.

3. All smiles after being successfully lowered from the chair.

2. A group of patrollers act as an anchor to belay a skier from the chairlift.