Slowing Burfield Drive – Resident focuses on speed

Timms says signs like this are not effective at slowing drivers. Photo SPIN.

As Burfield Dr. undergoes a transition from parties to family barbecues, resident Joe Timms is calling for drivers to slow down on the road.

Timms created an informal online petition that received more than 50 responses.
He said his children don’t live with him but from his home he can see kids playing in the street and often has to shout to warn them a vehicle is approaching.

“Some are probably going over 50 kilometres an hour,” he said. “They are
moving fast.”

He said he has witnessed close calls between between cars and people or animals and wanted to do what he could to avoid a tragedy.

Now he knows he has local support, he plans to approach the council of Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) to request lowering the limit from 50 to 30 kilometres an hour.

Chief administrative officer of SPMRM, Rob Bremner, said it’s a great idea but may prove difficult to enforce without a regular RCMP presence.

“When they (RCMP) are here they focus on impaired driving, speeding and stop signs,” Bremner said.

He added signs are not expensive and Timms would have to write an official letter to council for them to consider the change.