Smoke without fire: Sun Peaks not currently at risk but be prepared says SPFR

Smoke fills the skies at Sun Peaks on July 10. Photo SPIN.

There are currently no fires near Sun Peaks, but those who live in the village and surrounding areas should be prepared, is the message from Sun Peaks Fire Rescue (SPFR) training officer Luke Harrison.

“Sun Peaks is not at risk of a wildfire at the moment,” Harrison said. “I would be prepared to evacuate if necessary but there is no reason to panic.”

He encouraged residents to familiarize themselves with exit routes out of Sun Peaks towards Chase.

“Be prepared to pack things if needed, use Google Maps and familiarize yourself with routes out of (Sun Peaks),” he said.

“Know that if there is a fire, between Sun Peaks Fire Rescue and Sun Peaks Resort, you will be informed.”

A campfire ban is now in effect for all of B.C. and Harrison said anyone cooking on a barbeque should be cautious and have a water source close by.

Harrison said anyone in the area should be aware that smoke can travel for hundreds of kilometers and the smoke currently in the area is not because of any nearby fire.

SPFR has not responded to any reports of fire since major issues began across the province on Friday.

Despite the provincial state of emergency declared on July 7, no SPFR resources will leave the community.

Should a large fire start locally an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will be set up and provide information on the danger and potential evacuations. 

Harrison encouraged anyone with concerns to stay up-to-date on the BC Wildfire website or call SPFR hall for information.  

“It is understandable why people would be on edge,” he said. “But there are no fires near Sun Peaks at this time.”