Smoker heats up Bottom’s menu

The smoker is delighting the taste buds of everyone who tries out the slow-cooked creations. Photo supplied.

An 1800 pound hunk who loves meat and smoking has taken up residence on the patio at Bottom’s Bar & Grill. And people are happy about it.

The competition grade Yoder Durango smoker was installed with some help and heavy lifting from Powder Ventures and was fired up for the first time in February.

Since then it has delighted the taste buds of those lucky enough to taste the team’s creations.

Manager Nathan Cross said it has given the kitchen the opportunity to be more creative in a high volume environment.

“I think that we had reached our pretty full potential for food,” he said. “We were interested in how to progress. We have such a talented kitchen but an obligation to cater to the masses…it’s nice to add something more creative.”

Their weekly Sunday batches of mouth watering pork shoulder, brisket, beef chucks and bacon have proven popular.

They’ve also added tasty home smoked bacon to their house caesars and hosted a southern hospitality event featuring three whiskeys, beers and meats to taste.

“It’s lots of work to maintain but it’s lots of fun to play with different woods and stuff.”

While the tantalizing fare probably won’t make its way to the permanent menu due to time and batch size constraints, visitors to the restaurant can look forward to more experimentation.

Cross said they’d like to try whole chickens and pigs this summer and have specials that feature highlights of the homemade comfort foods.

“It’s visually appealing, it smells good, it’ just a good old fashion wood smoker,” he said. “It’s nice to add this to our image of being kind of a dive bar that will surprise you with our food.”