Smoking ban expands to village stroll

The smoking ban is expanding at Sun Peaks.

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) has decided to ban smoking in areas throughout the community.

In July of 2017 Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) banned smoking on the mountain and golf course in response to high fire danger. In August of 2018 they made the policy official and permanent, banning smoking tobacco, vaping and cannabis in lift lines, and on chairs, runs and trails in both winter and summer.

Under the municipal prohibition smoking will be banned in community recreation spaces including skating rinks, sports fields, playgrounds, pools, trails and parks, customer service areas, designated public spaces including the village core, outdoor workplaces including construction sites, transit stops including bus stops or taxi stands and the village core including sidewalks, walkways, patios or decks, parking areas and roads.

SPMRM said they will begin work with business owners in the village core to designate smoking areas, likely near bars or pubs.

They will also put regulations in place on what items must be contained within a designated smoking area. At an Aug. 21 council meeting councillors recommended containers that are safe for extinguishing and collecting butts and clear signage.

Mayor Al Raine acknowledged the bylaw will be challenging to enforce as the village lacks a constant bylaw presence but added he believes with some enforcing during busy period most people will comply.

“Ninety eight or 99 per cent of people will obey the rules,” he said. “The goal here is not to have the smoke police.”